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Conexión The Arts represents, promotes, assesses, and brings to life Art Projects, by strengthening their essence and connecting with spaces, festivals, cultural projects, venues, audiences, brands, alliances, and new territories.

Music, literature, exhibitions, photography, performance, and reading encouragement programs, as well as the promotion of artists, are projects that this company fosters.

Main projects

  • Photography exhibits of Fernando Aceves

The nationally and internationally prestigious music photographer has documented more than 4,000 concerts and has worked directly with rock stars such as Paul McCartney (1993), Pink Floyd (1994), David Bowie (1997) and the Rolling Stones (1995), among others. Aceves has published and participated in various books, as well as presenting his work at important museums, galleries, and cultural centers in London, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Washington DC.


  • El Puntito (The Little Dot)

A social responsibility project with Conexión, spearheaded by the children’s book “El Puntito” (“The Little Dot”) by Luis Ernesto Martínez Novelo. With this project, Conexión fosters reading habits in an alliance with the Business Communications Council, Letras para Volar (Letters to Fly), and other programs and institutions.  Through the presentation of this children’s story in diverse formats at book fairs and other venues, funds were raised for children with cancer, donating 100% of book sales.


  • Frida and I

This children’s exhibition on the life and work of Frida Kahlo, created and produced by the Centre Georges Pompidou of Paris and the State of Guerrero, promoted and advanced by Conexión, was presented at the Cabañas Cultural Institute by the Secretariat of Culture of the State of Jalisco.

  • Tulipa Ruiz

Considered the stand-out artist in Brazilian music, and without a doubt one of the greatest contemporary artists in Brazil, Tulipa Ruiz, born to a musical family, went international after the great success and authentic sounds of her discography. Winner of the Latin Grammy for Dancé, as the best contemporary Brazilian album. 

  • Lena Burke

Concert pianist, composer, and innate singer, she belongs to the Burke dynasty (granddaughter and daughter of Elena and Malena Burke, two preeminent artists of Cuban song); Lena, an artist of great power, conqueror of audiences with her great talent, is a winner of the Latin Grammy, in addition to having received many other awards over the course of her music and acting career. 

  • Joel Juan Qui

Pianist and educator from Sinaloa, México, specializing in the repertoire of contemporary music.  He is respected for his sensitivity and mastery of musical atmospheres.  His international concerts (China, Germany, Italy, Argentina) have made the modern works of Mexican composers known in other countries.  His discography includes recordings of the catalog of works for piano by Maestro Hermilio Hernández (De Profundis), the works of Mozart for early stimulation (Mi Bebé y Mozart / My Baby and Mozart), the most important compilation in Jalisco’s musical history with works by contemporary composers from this state (Atémpora/ Contémpora), and his recent pop effort, Evocaciones.

  • 50 of a HUNDRED

“50 of a HUNDRED” is the celebration of the 50th Aniversary of Gabriel García Márquez´s  master piece. A group of events created to celebrate the 50 first years of the book “One hundred years of solitude”: a monologue, a gastronomic tribute in several important restaurants in Mexico City, and a panel discussion among the book.

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